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What is Breathwork?

Simply put Breathwork is a conscious Breathing practice with varying levels of activation and relaxation.

Benefits of Breathwork Include:

Release Stress, Anxiety, & Trauma

Re-Balance Your Nervous System Through Powerful Activation & Relaxation

Greatly Improve Overall Health & Longevity

Boost Energy for Improved Physical & Mental Performance

“Mastering your Breath is the Key to Unlocking your Full Potential for Peak Performance, Transformation, and Aligning with Your

Highest Self.”

“Mastering your Breath is the Key to Unlocking your Full Potential for Peak Performance, Transformation, &

Aligning with Your Highest Self.”

Improve Cellular Health, Heart Health, & Coherence

Increase Awareness, Brain Connectivity, & Creativity

Rebalance Your Nervous System

Connect w/ Yourself, Loved Ones, & Oneness



Become ALL You Are Meant To Be Through More Passion, Presence, & Purpose!


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About Ryan

Ryan McBurney

Ryan McBurney is the founder of Master My Breath™️ and has been teaching Breathwork for over 5 years now.

The Mental-Emotional & Physical benefits for health, optimization, unlocking human potential, happiness, etc. are all incredible but it was the Spiritual side of things that really drew Ryan in.

After grappling with existential depression for years Breathwork was THE FIRST & ONLY practice that unearthed his connection to the divine and brought for not only peace but a sense of Passion, Purpose, and Inspiration that he had lost.

After being certified in a handful of techniques and spending 21 days at a Breathwork Retreat in Los Cabos, Mexico he created his own method [Liquid Breathwork™️] and began a practitioner certification program of his own to multiply his effort to bring the power & benefits of the Breath to as many humans as possible.

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